Shine Bootcamp

Project Overview

Shine Bootcamp is a leadership and speaking academy for women offering programs to improve their confidence and their ability deliver engaging presentations. Every year Shine hosts several of their own speaking conferences as a platform for their speakers to demonstrate their skills as a hub for recruiters looking for key note speakers. This year, Shine would to like to increase the number of attendees for each of their conferences as well as raising awareness for their brand.

The Challenge

This was a cross team project involving motion designers, communication designers, and interactive designers. We were tasked with creating a promotional motion piece, social media templates, and an interactive piece of our choice. Shine provided their current brand guidelines and previous video testimonials as source materials.


Being part of the interactive team, our goal was to ensure that the target users of Shine Bootcamp have clear and easy access to conference details and information when they need it the most. We decided on a conference website redesign as our final choice, since we noticed that their site has several areas of improvement that they can benefit from. We also wanted to refresh the visuals so they would pair well with the layout of the conference site, but without deviating too far from their current brand guidelines.

My Role

Project Duration

UX Designer

My responsibilities included heuristic evaluation, information architecture, wireframe, user testing, and high fidelity mock up and prototyping.

January – February, 2021

(2 months)

Tools Used

The Process

From our interview with Shine Bootcamp, we found out that majority of their users came from their Instagram social media page.

We needed to design in a way that matches with the goals and motivations of Shine’s target users. The three types of users that visits the most includes conference organizers, friends and family of speakers, and learners.

Based on the goals and needs of the identified users, we conducted heuristic evaluation of the current conference site and found several pain points:

  • The current website is not engaging enough for conference organizers.

  • No easy way to find speakers on the speaker gallery.

  • Subscribe button doesn’t provide information of what users would get if they write their email down. 

  • No clear connection between main site and conference site (no obvious way to go from one site to the other).


  • Confusing visual layout on conference site.

  • It’s hard for Organizers/Learners to get to the conference website (there is no proper flow to get to the website).

Redesign Proposal

We created and outline the current sitemap and added in suggestions to section where we believe resolves some of the mentioned pain points of our users.

Based on our sitemap and suggestions, we create the wireframe for both desktop and mobile version. It was crucial that our design needed to be responsive in order create a consistent experience.

From user testing we found the following:

  • Users were unsure what type of conference they were attending.

  • “Become a speaker” on the navigation bar was confusing for users. 


  • The Ticket price and Speaker topics were difficult to find.


  •  The “Open letter to conference organizers” was considered too wordy.


  • The “Land Acknowledgment” caused confusion because of its odd placement .

For visuals, we had to take in consideration of both the current brand guidelines and also the art direction of the motion pieces and the social media templates from the other teams. To ensure cohesiveness across all of our deliverables, we created a style guide for all the teams to follow.

Final Design




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